From the Basics to the Amazing
The world's only truly multi-platform monolithic designed
RCS stack supporting VoLTE available on Android, iOS,
Windows, Linux and more. Supporting RCS 5.3, joyn
Blackbird, Crane and RCS Universal Profile.
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Enriched Calling
All the benefits of VoLTE and CS Voice:
QoS, standards based, embedded, all the
advantages of next-gen RCS: call subject/priority,
fileshare, location share, sketch, slideshow,
messaging, enriched call logs & more.
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Virtual Reality
A must see experience, the world's first IMS/RCS
VR Video Calling application supporting RCS
messaging, fileshare, Video Share and IR.92,
including 360 video.
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Connected Home
Summit's RCS Home Automation solution is available
through operator enabled RCS Home Broadband Routers. When not offered through an HBR, Summit's RCS Home Automation can be enabled through the Summit RCS
Home Hub connected to any HBR via Wi-Fi or
connected directly through 3G/LTE,
including LTE-M
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Connected Car
The ultimate smartphone on wheels.
Summit’s VoLTE/RCS-enabled car
allows users to take IP services on
the go as never seen before.
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