Summit`s highly optimized voice and video codecs ensure high client MOS on 3G, broadband and LTE networks through improved video processing systems and refined motion estimation algorithms including adaptive forward error correction (FEC) on lossy networks. Supporting both hardware and software based implementations, Summit's media engine provides support for all the latest codecs from H264, AMR-WB, VP8, Opus, G.729, Speex and many more. Available on both ARM and x86 platforms, Summit's codec implementations are optimized at the assembly level to ensure optimum efficiency and performance.


IMS network and device APIs allow 3rd party service providers to leverage RCS and generate innovative new services from mHealth, home automation to multi-player gaming. Your DSLR camera, Action Cam & network storage devices supporting DLNA seamlessly interface with RCS FileShare & VideoShare. Bluetooth headsets are supported for enterprise multiparty voice / video conferencing with integrated screen sharing & whiteboarding.


When it comes to user interface, there is nothing more polarizing in opinions than what constitutes a better user experience. One thing is certain, no one design fits all.

Summit's clients are specifically designed to adapt to resolutions ranging from widescreen to smartwatches. From screen ratios which are square due to physical keyboards, or users accessing the app on large screen TVs through set-top-boxes, the enhanced user experience capabilities available on HDPI devices and phablets are challenging on low resolution devices which typically require larger hit zones and readapted screen layout and flow to better reflect limitations in capabilities. Tablets should not merely offer a resized smartphone app, but a version of the app designed and adapted for the medium while maintaining a horizontal user experience across form factors to ensure function and brand consistency. The list of possibilities goes on and on, and that is why Summit has designed hundreds of clients, all customized to operator specific requirements.


With support for over half a dozen platforms and counting, two leading CPU architectures, and countless devices, a key component to Summit's RCS client success is a highly reliable and portable IMS stack supporting both RCS and VoLTE. Available as both a client and server solution, Summit's IMS stack is the one common denominator required to deliver IMS based services across the widest array of smartphones, desktops, browsers and tablets, including support for M2M solutions.

Many competing IMS stacks rely extensively on 3rd party components and open source software, resulting in a slow pace of evolution. Summit's solution, designed from the ground up, has been tested and validated across leading T1 operators globally and has consistently led the way in adopting the latest industry specifications, ensuring operators have access to the latest and greatest RCS client in the market. As a leading innovation provider, Summit has been the source of many new features & designs adopted by standards organizations. Whether as a Telco-OTT app, embedded stack or through a web gateway, Summit's solution is by far the industry's most accredited & commercially deployed RCS solution. Available across all major platforms from Android, Windows, iOS, FFOS and others, and natively integrated on mobile devices by several leading OEMs for both VoLTE & RCS.


SMS, MMS and social networking capability built right into the Summit RCS client along with optional interworking with messaging gateways supporting multiple devices. Chat and messaging features blend together into a single unified messaging experience by enabling RCS Social Presence, profile linking, vCard exchange, invite to joyn, and integrated messaging between joyn, Facebook, Google and more.

Update your vCard on joyn or your social presence avatar on RCS and sync it with your Facebook, Google and Twitter profiles. Not all your friends are on joyn yet? Not a problem, chat with them through Facebook or Google. For friends on supporting RCS networks, invite them to install joyn with one simple click through existing communication services such as SMS, social networks or email. Easily share photos and videos through joyn fileshare with media stored locally or through external cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook or any other supported service.

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