Come marvel at how RCS and the "Internet of Things' will spawn innovative services and new monetisation opportunities. As a VAS to an operator's RCS or VoLTE offering, Summit's RCS HomeHub links 'Connected Living' services through an operator's IMS network via a standards-based RCS Web Gateway (typically part of an RCS deployment).

With Support for Z-Wave®, ZigBee®, Bluetooth and more, see how RCS''s promise of "It just works" comes to life on your smartphone and in your home. Out of the box functionality includes RCS communications, Home Automation and mHealth.

From the world's leading RCS provider on Android, iOS, Window (x86 & ARM), Mac OSX and more, Auto-configuration server, and RCS/VoLTE embedded clients, Summit's live presentation is sure to amaze.
As an operator certified OEM embedded VoLTE stack, GSMA accredited joyn app or a web-based RCS service, there is only one IMS client which consistently delivers the richest set of features across the widest array of platforms.

On smartphone, tablets and desktops, Summit's ONE IMS CLIENT easily extends capabilities through terminal and network RCS APIs delivering innovative IMS services such as RCS Enterprise, mHealth, Home Automation and RCS Gaming.
Summit's multi-platform RCS Enterprise client includes the latest productivity features bridging mobile and fixed-line business users - unified provisioning across multiple devices, IMS High Definition Video Conferencing (HDVC), Multi-party Voice Conferencing, Call Handover, Screen Sharing, Whiteboarding, Robotic Telepresence, Multi-Line service and the must-see 360 Virtual Reality Conferencing.

Available on smartphones, tablets, conference phones and desktops for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and more.
Adding in-game communication services just got radically simpler with Summit's RCS plugin for Unity. Game developers can now easily integrate RCS voice/video, chat and discovery services to games developed on the insanely popular cross platform Unity game engine, including IMS for virtual reality.

For developers working across multiple gaming platforms, Summit's Unified IMS SDK for C++, IMS SDK for Java (Android) or Summit's JavaScript SDK with RCS Web Gateway for HTML 5 ensures the Summit Gaming RCS SDK is available on most major gaming platforms, allowing developers to focus on what they do best - develop games.