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RCS / RCSE - Rich Communication Suite & Services Summit’s next generation IMS / RCS client delivering an enhanced communication experience on smartphones, tablets and desktops using GSMA Rich Communication Services.

Support for Presence, Privacy, Service Capability (UCE), Buddy Lists, Video Share, IR.92 / VoLTE or IR.58 VoHSPA, IR.94 / 2-way Video Call, 1-to-1 Messaging, 1-to-n Group Chat , Multimedia Message, Deferred Delivery, File Transfer, Geo-location and more. Inlcuding support for for RCS web clients, network services through RCS APIs, and RCS Mashups.

Messaging as a Platform / MaaP - RCS Chatbots

Full Internationalization support.
Advanced skinning framework.

Attractive designs, intuitive functionality and rich communication services seamlessly connect RCS / IMS (IP Multimedia Subsytems) communication and messaging clients on both the mobile and desktop.
Rich Communication Services : RCS 5, RCS 5.1, RCS 5.2, RCS 5.3, RCS-e joyn
Enriched Call
IMS voice sessions (VoIP / VoLTE / VoHSPA) can be enriched to include media services such as video, chat, file transfer. Pre-Call, In-call, post-call.
Advanced Skinning Framework
Full customization of the presentation layer look and behavior is supported, with no impact on the IMS SDK below it.
Enhanced Phonebook
The Summit RCS Client marks-up the native address book to highlight RCS service capabilities, and synchronizes your contacts with a network Converged Address Book (CAB / NAB).
Uses standards-based methods to detect the service capabilities of devices on different platforms and operators, to provide a positive user experience while highlighting your network's differentiating services.
Basic and extended presence information including service capabilities, geolocation , taglines and avatars. When a presence server is not deployed, service capabilities are discovered through the RCSE SIP OPTIONS method.
Device RCS API - RCS 5 T-API
The Summit RCS stack exposes three levels of RCS API controls to developers, providing high-level, intermediate and fine-grained interfaces. Developers can add rich communication services to existing applications from gaming to mHealth, or create their own services based on RCS infrastructure.
Enriched Messaging
- SIMPLE IM Group chat or 1-1 instant messaging that can be enhanced with image, media, video share or file transfer.
converged IP messaging
- Support for Integrated InBox, RCS, SMS & MMS (as per Universal Profile, joyn Blackbird, Crane)
Supported Video Codecs
H.263, H.263-1998, H.263-2000,
H.264, WebM ( VP8 )

Supported Audio Codecs
AMR-NB, AMR-WB, EVS, G711 a-law, G711 u-law, Speex, iLBC, G.722, G.722,2, OPUS
Rich Communication Services
RCSe, RCS 5 Datasheet
RCS Android, iOS, Windows, Web
RCS Android, iOS, Windows, Web

Available RCS clients

Android RCS clients,
HTML 5 / Linux RCS clients,
iPhone RCS client, iPad RCS
apps, Windows 8 RCS app,
Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP, Mac OSX RCS clients, Windows RT RCS clients.

RCS 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 & RCSE
RCS Universal, joyn Blackbird