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Rich Communication Services - Advanced Communication

Summit Tech provides a full-featured, cross-platform Rich Communications Services & Suite (RCS Universal Profile 1 & 2) IMS stack & RCS SDK, RCS API and full featured client solutions including support for VoLTE, to the latest RCS Universal Profile 2, all available across multiple form factors and platforms: Android, Android Wear, iOS, macOS, Windows 7, 8, including RCS for Windows 10, Unity and HTML5/WebRTC.

Individual SDK components and enablers within Summit's SDK are decoupled building blocks that can be integrated through RCS APIs with Summit's IMS / RCS stack or existing stacks and clients provided by carriers and OEMs. In addition, Summit's enhanced user-experience (UX) framework is available to OEMs allowing for the creation of a unique RCS flow that integrates seamlessly with existing components.

RCS clients  |  RCS Web Gateway  |  Device Support  |  ACS - Autoconfiguration Server

Rich Communication Services : RCS Universal Profile 1 & 2
Auto-provisioning over the air, secondary device provisioning over WLAN (Tablet, PC)
RCS Universal Profile 1 & 2, 5.1, 5.2 & RCS-e 1.2.2 joyn hotfixes
Capability discovery via SIP OPTIONS or Presence Server (PS) anonymous subscribe
RCS UP 1-2, RCS-e specification v1.2.1, 1.2.2
Integrated Messaging (unified inbox): RCS, SMS, MMS
GSMA RCS joyn Blackbird, Crane
Dual-stack presence/options capability interworking
RCS UP 1-2, RCS 5.0. 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
Session-based 1-to-1 and group chat, Deferred message delivery, conversation history, emoticons / emoji, stickers
Instant Messaging using:
- OMA CPM 2.0+ [ converged IP messaging ]
- Integrated Messaging [ converged inbox   RCS, SMS, MMS ]
File transfer thumbnail, store & forward, pause & resume, geo-location push / pull, vCard Exchange
RCS UP, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 & RCS-e joyn Blackbird, joyn Crane
Image share over CS, 1-way and 2-way live video share over CS / PS
GSMA IR.79 - Image Share Interoperability, GSMA IR.74 - Video Share Interoperability
Converged Address Book: Synchronizing address book across different devices and platforms by storing it on the network
(optional) OMA CAB v1.0, S-CAB
Audio/Video Communication
Voice and Video breakout over Wi-Fi, HSPA & LTE for all-IP network convergence
RCS Universal Profile 1 & 2, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
RTP voice and video calls, coupled with RTCP-based connectivity feedback, SRTP
3GPP TS 26.114 Multimedia Telephony
N-way conference calls, Call Merge and supplementary services for VoIP and VoLTE
GSMA IR.92/58 IMS Profile for Voice and SMS, GSMA IR.94 IMS Profile for Conversational Video
DTMF events
RFC 4733 RTP Payload for DTMF digits
NAT Traversal by use of STUN/TURN protocol (if required)
(optional) RFC 5245 Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE)
  •  Jitter buffer, implemented with separate characteristics for audio and video
  •  Adaptive video bitrate supporting high packet loss
  •  Integration with platform-provided and hardware-accelerated codecs
  •  Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction - optimized for performance     on mobile devices
  • Social Presence
    Symmetric presence authorization, XDMS (Ut), supporting RCS standard lists: granted, revoked, blocked, SPI-only lists, RLS and watcher-info subscription
    RCS Release, UP 1-2, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
    Social presence: Availability, portrait icon, tagline, geo-location, nickname, homepage, service capabilities
    RCS Release UP 1-2, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
    Multi-device presence: Synchronizing own live presence, resource lists and perm-presence across multiple UEs
    RCS Release UP 1-2, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
    Presence information extensions: Facebook, Twitter & more
    RCS Release UP 1-2, 5.1, 5.2, Summit
    Core Functionality Summit Tech’s IMS stack has been verified and accredited against most first-tier IMS cores, SBCs and application servers
    Registration and authentication over IPv4 or IPv6, sigcomp, Voice and Video calling, emergency calling, TLS
    3GPP TS 24.229 IP multimedia call control protocol
    Multiple registrations (one number, request forking) using sip.instance or GRUU
    RFC 5626, 5627, 5628
    Telephony supplementary services
    3GPP TS 24.173 IMS multimedia telephony communication service and supplementary services
    VoWiFi Non-3GPP Access / EPC Access
    EPDG support as per 3GPP TS 24.302, TS 33.402 with IPSEC, IKEv2.
    SMS over IP
    3GPP TS 24.341 Support of SMS over IP networks
    QoS negotiation using reliable provisional responses
    RFC 3262
    SIP keep-alives to sustain TCP/TLS/UDP connections over Wi-Fi/public access
    RFC 5626
    Low memory footprint, optimized for battery life
    IMS stack components written in C/C++
    16kHz HD Audio+Video Call using H.264, AMR NB/WB (Narrow/Wide-Band), G.722, iLBC
    2-Way Conversational Video including in-session upgrades and downgrades, call hold and pause

    Customized Enablers

    • Livecast: Users can broadcast live video from their handsets to multiple
      endpoints ranging from web browsers, smartphones and legacy phones

    RCS Web Gateway : Over-The-Top / WebRTC / Legacy Device Support

    To ensure RCS & RCSE clients have the widest possible reach, Summit offers an innovative IMS to web RCS gateway resulting in RCS web clients supporting both modern browsers supporting HTML 5 / WebRTC and legacy browsers and devices. Through RCS REST API (or Web Sockets), the CORG application server enables RCS web clients to share rich communication servivces with both web users and legacy devices.

    • For web endpoints (PC, Mac & Linux) signaling and traffic is encapsulated using the RTMP and HTTP-based RTMPT protocol supported by the Adobe Flash player

    • GSMA IR.84 support for legacy handsets is accomplished via RTSP/RTP re-encapsulation

    • Mobile to web call bandwidth is managed through CORG at both endpoints to ensure best possible quality

    Service Provisioning - Auto Configuration Server (ACS)

    The Summit Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) allows operators to easily deploy a scalable service provisioning solution for Rich Communication Services. Device management solutions (e.g. OMA DM) can be complex to integrate into telecom IP networks when factoring the additional requirement of deploying RCS combined with legacy services across multiple device OEMs, ranging from smartphones to tablets. ACS improves time-to-market by focusing on an operator's specific RCS configuration requirements as well as providing a customizable and adaptable interface to existing provisioning systems, including OMA DM.

    Supported RCS smartphones and RCS tablets

    View our compehensive list of supported RCS devices

    Rich Communication Services
    RCS Android, iOS, Windows, Web
    RCS Android, iOS, Windows, Web

    RCS Universal Profile,
    RCS-e, RCS 5 clients

    Windows Mobile RCS client, Android RCS Solutions,
    HTML 5 / Linux RCS clients,
    iPhone RCS app, iPad RCS
    app, Windows 8 RCS app,
    Windows 10, 8, 7, macOS RCS clients, Windows RT RCS clients.

    Also available as VoLTE, VoHSPA & VoWiFi clients: IR.92, IR.51, IR.94